Jackson's Preschool and Child Development Center

  "Where Learning Is Fun!"


6 weeks - 12 months

Infants need positive interactions to gain a sense of trust from their caregivers.  At Jackson's Preschool, we provide a safe, nurturing environment with positive interactions.  We, coo, cuddle, rock, read and do everything possible to bond with your child.  Babies are not only loved and cared for, but our highly trained teachers help them develop cognitively, emotionally and physically.

Daily activities include:

Cognitive Development: Peek-a-boo, hide and find, shape sorting toys

Language Development: Reading books to infants, songs and music activities

Sensory Development: Feeling different textures, water play

Motor Skills: Tummy time, push and pull toys, grasping toys

Parents will receive a daily log of your child's feeding, sleeping, diapering and learning activities.