Jackson's Preschool and Child Development Center

  "Where Learning Is Fun!"



Two's, the age of curiosity!  At Jackson's Preschool, we turn the terrible two's into the terrific two's.  Our highly trained teachers provide fun and challenging experiences that allow them to learn and grow.  Developmentally appropriate small and large group activities as well as hands on activities keep them actively  involved.  Through freedom within boundaries, individual attention and encouragement and praise, teachers help your child meet key developmental milestones. 

The Caterpillar class is set up with Learning Centers where your child can participate in stimulating meaningful experiences.

Learning Centers:

Dramatic Play: Your child is developing social-emotional skills as they pretend play.

Sand & Water:  This is a sensory area where children develop their eye-hand coordination and exercise small muscles.  This area is also stress-reducing and relaxing.

Blocks: Playing with different sizes, colors and shape blocks, your child will develop sensory skills as well as develop more eye-hand coordination and muscle control.

Arts & Crafts: Using simple appropriate art materials, your child will develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Books: Reading to your child daily is the first step towards preparing for literacy.

You will receive daily verbal and written communication about your child's personal care and daily activities.